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    SD lasted 6 decades, from the beginnings of commercial TV in the 1940s to the mid-2000s. Now, barely a decade into the new HD "2K" standard, the pressure is on to move to 4K. Or is it? Before 4K has even established a toehold, we're told it's a mere way station on the road to 8K. Wondering what's next? 16K? 32K?

Contribution Encoder
The Telairity BE8600 is a powerful, compact
(half-width 1RU) real-time HD/SD video
encoder offering leading-edge H.264/AVC
video encoding for the highest possible
picture quality at any available bandwidth.
Distribution Encoder
The Telairity BE8700 multichannel
HD/SD encoding platform offers
state-of-the-art low bitrate 4:2:0
H.264/AVC video compression for
all HD & SD television formats in a
cost-effective, full-width 1 RU form factor.
Scalable Blade Encoder
The Telairity SES3200 is a scalableHD/SD encoder,
accommodating from 1 to 8 4-channel blades for
configurations of 4 to 32 channels in a 12RU
Telco-grade ATCA chassis. An integrated fabric
backplane eliminates the need for external cables,
routers, switches, and multiplexers ....
IRDs etc.
Integrated Receiver-Decoders & More
Latest releases, company info, technology, etc.
STI Telecom and Telairity Partner to sell
Nexgen Encoders in Brazil

SANTA CLARA — STI Telecom, one
of the largest system integrators
and satellite communications
solutions companies servicing
the broadcast market in Brazil
has entered into a partnership
with Telairity ....