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A Market in Transition

In the first two decades of the 21st century, the broadcast industry has undergone a number of sweeping revisions: to all-digital technology, to HD ("2K") programming and beyond, to new "4K" and "8K" resolution standards, to large displays based on flat-panel LCD, LED, and OLED technologies, to new Blu-ray and Ultra Blu-ray storage formats for optical disks, to on-demand and time-delayed access to programming, and to the Internet as a distribution means alongside over-air, cable, and satellite networks--to name just some of the more notable changes. Central to all these improvements, however, is the requirement to move, store, and access audio and video data more efficiently. Since, in the digital era of TV broadcasting, the starting point for all digital audio/video data efficiency is compression technology, at a fundamental level the demand for better efficiency translates to a need for better compression technology.

Fortunately, better compression technology is now available, in the form of advanced open-standard H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) and H.265/HEVC (MPEG-5) video encoding. MPEG-4 halves the bit rates achieved by older MPEG-2 compression technologies, with no noticeable loss in video quality, while a new MPEG generation, MPEG-5, holds out the promise of another 50% gain over MPEG-4.

For current HD programming, it seems likely that MPEG-4 will remain the encoding technology of choice for the forseeable future; though the move to new UHD formats will foster wider adoption of MPEG-5 in coming years. While designed to meet developing needs for the coming next generation of compression and format standards, Telairity's new "Nexgen" line of reliable, low latency, high compression encoders also services all existing MPEG-4/HD needs,. Specifically:

  • The single-channel BE8600 contribution encoder lets new gatherers move HD cameras out of the studio and into the field for live on-site reporting

  • The multichannel BE8700 distribution encoder lets video providers directly distribute HD broadcasts to viewers over MPEG-4 networks

Why Telairity is the Leader in advanced MPEG Encoding

Telairity entered the encoding business with a focus on advanced MPEG compression technology, starting with the MPEG-4 (H.264/AVC) generation. This focus on MPEG-4 and later encoding technologies is augmented by the fact that Telairity is the only dedicated encoder company in the world that entirely controls all its own technology. All of Telairity's encoding products:

  1. Are based on Telairity's TVP video processor, the world's highest performance encoding chip

  2. Implement Telairity's direct-execute AVClairity encoding software, for maximum performance and responsiveness

  3. Incorporate Telairity's own system designs, including form factor, motherboards, and the type, number and placement of input and output connectors
These two pillars—the company's concentrated focus on the MPEG standard and its on-going improvement, combined with dedication to advancing its own MPEG technology at every level—chip, software, and system—are the foundations of Telairity's leadership position in MPEG encoding.

Committed to Excellence through Innovative Technology

The Telairity TVP video processor is a multi-core vector architecture that provides astonishing levels of sustained performance. Featuring specialized functions tailed for video compression, very high levels of parallelism (with up to 32 vector and 8 scalar threads running concurrently), and innovative on-chip vector SRAM memory for extremely high throughput, the T1P2000 is at the heart of Telairity's distinctive encoding technology. Empowered by the TVP video processor, Telairity's customized AVClairity encoding software boots up in a few seconds, operates within a few frames of latency, and achieves quality images using relatively few bits. One mark of the exceptional efficiency of Telairity technology encoders is that they dissipate comparatively little heat, when judged against systems based on a combination of high performance general purpose processors augumented by the latest generation of specialized graphics processors. This not only means they run more quietly, but also contributes to their outstanding reliability (since heat is a leading cause of electronic component failure). You can find out more about Telairity's unique technology by clicking on the links below.

Immediate Results, Enduring Value

Telairity provides complete encoding solutions in the form of integrated hardware/software platforms with standard SDI inputs and dual ASI and IP outputs. Systems are rigorously tested to insure they operate reliably over a wide range of environmental conditions, and interoperate smoothly with any compliant H.264 decoder a customer may choose. They are fully backed by Telairity's blanket commitment to customer satisfaction, including a renewable two-year blanket warranty against hardware failure from any cause except abusive use, and free life-of-unit firmware upgrades via download. Since Telairity encoders are fully programmable, it is possible to enhance their reliability, improve their picture quality, and add new features to them all in software. This remote update capability not only enhances the usability of Telairity encoders, it also extends their useful lifetime.

Board of Directors

In addition to Telairity CEO Jim Meadlock, the Telairity Board of Directors includes Mike Moore and Bob Corman.

Management Team

Jim Meadlock

Jim MeadlockCEO / CFO

12+ years IBM

  • Responsible for the deployed on-board software for Titan II nuclear missile system
  • Responsible for the on-board Apollo Launch Vehicle software (controlled and guided the vehicle into earth orbit and, from earth orbit, toward a lunar insertion)

30+ years INTERGRAPH

  • Founder, Chairman and CEO
  • From 0 to 1 Billion in revenue

Harlan McGhan

Harlan McGhanVP of Marketing

Tzu Wang

Steve (Tzu) WangGeneral Manager,