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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Because Telairity owns its own hardware and software technology, customers can specify their own unique combination of requirements. These can be as simple as a new combination of existing features—e.g., 4:2:2 encoding on a multichannel system—or a requirement for capabilities not offered standard with any current Telairity encoder, e.g.

  • A different audio codec
  • New source inputs
  • Different output formats
  • Higher or lower output bit rates
  • Additional integrated hardware functionality
  • A new software feature

Adding a feature can be as simple as making a request when an order is placed, or as complex as launching a new project with our custom engineering team. In short, Telairity encoding technology is more than just another encoder product line. It is a set of encoding solutions that can be tailored to fit any encoding need.

To discuss your requirements, large or small, please give us a call or drop us a brief email.

Consultation is free. If we can help out, great. If not, we'll try to point you in the right direction to find some appropriate help.

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