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Telairity Encoder Management System (EMS)

The Telairity Encoder Management System (EMS) is a tightly focused application designed to simplify the management of multiple Telairity Encoders on a common network. The system scales seamlessly from the smallest to the largest installations, with any number and combination of Telairity encoder models encompassed by a single EMS. The EMS can be supplemented by a more inclusive Network Management System (NMS) that also encompasses upstream and downstream switching routers and provides flexible redundancy mechanisms for automatic failover.

Functions of the EMS include:

  • Automatic discovery and mapping of all Telairity encoders on a given network
  • Graphical display of network with encoders listed by model number and IP control address
  • Visual monitoring of operational status of individual encoders (power, input signal, encoding)
  • Ability to move encoders in and out of service (between active and standby status)
  • Manual failover of encoders for scheduled maintenance, etc.
  • Set and change parameters for individual encoders
  • Arbitrarily assign encoders to named groups
  • Set and change parameters for a named group of encoders
  • Automatically email alarm and other messages to designated mailboxes
  • Dynamic status reporting on each encoder, including
    • Input signal (Locked & Encoded)
    • Number of non-fatal video errors in input stream (signal quality)
    • Encoder temperature (in degrees Centigrade)
    • Encoder fans (on or off)
    • Power supply health
    • Status of links for IP0 and IP1 (on or off)
  • Event logging
    • View significant events in chronological order (most recent to oldest)
  • Gather and graph statistics for individual encoders, including
    • Temperature
    • Number of frames encoded