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Telairity Network Management System (NMS)

The Telairity Network Management System provides a more inclusive view of a networked installation of Telairity encoders, encompassing not merely the networked encoders themselves, but also third-party upstream and downstream switching routers. Upstream routers accept and feed source signals into the encoders. Downstream routers are responsible for distributing encoded signals. In addition to all the functionality provided by the Telairity EMS, the Telairity NMS provides the following capabilities:


  • Monitoring of ASI inputs from upstream router to encoders
  • IP Link Monitoring (of IP data outputs from each encoder)
  • Mapping of source signals between upstream router input and output ports
  • Mapping of source signals from upstream router output ports to encoders
  • Mapping of encoded signals from encoder outputs to downstream router input ports
  • Mapping of encoded signals between downstream router input and output ports
  • Flexibly create either N:1 or N:M redundancies for a group of encoders
  • Automatic failover on faults in input signals, signal paths, or equipment