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High Definition Encoders

Series 8100 H.264/AVC or AVS HD Encoders

Implemented with 8 Telairity video processors/channel to provide high-quality HD video at 2- 15Mbps, with adjustable sub-second encode latency and a robust “sliced” transmission stream.

BE8110: 1U, single-channel model for broadcast/broadband applications; also ideal for ENG vehicles

BE8110-T: 1U single-channel model for broadcast/broadband applications; adapted for harsh ENG vehicle use

BC8110: 1U, single-channel "Copter" encoder model for aircraft ENG; tethered remote front panel for cockpit control

BE8200: 1U, dual-channel for broadcast/broadband applications; lowest per-channel price for multi-channel installations

BE and BC models built for field use in ENG vehicles offer wide temperature tolerance, vibration-proof construction, and external audio inputs. BE models include dual-redundant power supplies. BC models fit in a half-rack, have a 28V power supply and feature a ruggedized chassis