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IP Transcoding

Distribution of encoded video transport streams over IP requires wide-ranging flexibility: to provide the same stream at multiple bitrates for adaptive bitrate streaming, to serve the stream at various height by width (H x W) formats to meet different screen resolutions, and to repackage the stream using different protocols to satisfy multiple live streaming standards. These requirements for flexible IP transcoding are met by supplementing Telairity encoders with a separate Linux-based IP Transcoder, the Telairity Broadcaster (powered by Zixi).

The Broadcaster can provide either a second PiP copy of the video stream output by a Telairity encoder, or multiple resized copies of its video stream, encoded for IP distribution in a variety of streaming client protocols, including UDP/RTP, HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, and FLV, as well as a custom protocol for lossless transmission over unmanaged IP networks (the “cloud”) to a designated receiver. Designed to meet the needs of broadcasters, sports networks, and video distribution service providers, the Broadcaster provides flexible, redundant, and highly scalable video transport management and distribution services, able to support thousands of destinations over commodity internet connections, for live events, contribution, distribution, or OTT workflows.

The Telairity Broadcaster is available in a variety of options:


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The Telairity BE8680 is a state-of-the-art 1RU half-width Linux server designed as a "buddy system" companion unit for the half-width BE8600 encoder. In addition to serving as an Internet control system for the BE8600, it provides a Broadcaster re-formatter and re-packager application for IP video distribution.
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The Telairity AMP6800 Advanced Media Processor is a state-of-the-art 1RU full-width Linux server with a Broadcaster re-formatter and re-packager application for IP video distribution, designed to service the real-time encoded UDP IP streams put out by multiple Telairity encoders.
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