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Multiformat Encoders: HD, SD, Mobile

BE8500 - 1U, full width (17”) single-channel universal HD/SD/Mobile encoder for broadcast/broadband applications. Can be enchanced with any of the three add-in module cards: for transcoding, analog SD input, or G.703/E3 output.

BC8500 – 1U, half-width (8.5”) single-channel universal HD/SD/Mobile encoder for aircraft; 28VDC operation, tethered remote front panel for cockpit control.

All Telairity single-channel HD encoders, including the BE8110 for broadcast and BC8110 for aircraft, can be upgraded to an auto-switching universal HD/SD/Mobile encoder, able to accept either HD or SD source inputs, and output corresponding formats from full resolution 1920 x 1080 HD to CIF and below for mobile devices. Universal “8500” encoders have all the features of their “8110” HD counterparts, combined with the flexibility to accept SD sources and output high-compression 9000-series SD/mobile formats.

BE9300 - 1U 3-channel (1HD, 2SD/Mobile) multiformat encoder for broadcast/broadband applications.

A versatile multichannel system, offering a mix of 1 HD and 2 SD/Mobile channels. Each channel can function independently, with its own separate input and outputs, or all channels can be fed from the same input, outputting the signal simultaneously in different formats (HD/SD/Mobile), resolutions, and bit rates.