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Management Systems

Telairity offers two different management systems:

Encoder Management System (EMS) - The Telairity Encoder Management System (EMS) is a tightly focused application designed to simplify the management of multiple Telairity Encoders on a common network. Functions include:

  • Automatic discovery and mapping of encoders
  • Dynamic status reporting on each encoder with visual monitoring
  • Logging events, gathering statistics
  • Manual failover of encoders for scheduled maintenance, etc.
  • Arbitrary grouping of encoders
  • Set and change encoder parameters either by unit or by group
  • Email alarm and other messages

Telairity Network Management System (NMS) - The Telairity Network Management System provides a more inclusive view of a networked installation of Telairity encoders, encompassing not merely the networked encoders themselves, but also third-party upstream and downstream switching routers. Functions include:

  • Monitoring of inputs
  • Dynamic mapping of signals to/from encoders
  • Creation of arbitrary N:M redundancy groups
  • Automatic fail-over on faults in inputs/outputs or equipment failure