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Add-in Modules

Telairity single-channel systems provide an option card slot, which can be equipped with any of the three add-in modules below. If you require more than one of these options integrated into a system, please contact your local sales representative for information about model pricing and availability.

Telairity Transcode Option

Any single-channel Telairity Broadcast Encoder (BE) model can be converted to a Broadcast Transcoder (BT) model by adding an optional decoder module. The decoder module comes with a choice of SDI, ASI or IP input (select one), and generates SDI input to the encoder, completing the transcode cycle.

Telairity Analog Input Option

All Telairity Broadcast Encoders feature digital SDI input as a standard feature, together with connectors for both digital (AES) and analog (L/R stereo) audio input. SD encoders, both single- and multi-channel, can be ordered with an optional analog (composite) video input module (in addition to SDI).

Telairity G.703 Output Option

Single-channel Telairity Broadcast Encoder (BE) models typically offer dual redundant ASI and dual redundant IP outputs. Optionally, one ASI output can be converted to G.703/E3 output by adding the G.703 Output add-in module, creating a BG model encoder.