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Previous generation encoders and transcoders.

The Previous Generation of Telairity Encoders

Previous generation encoders are implemented with multiple 50 GigaOps 5-core Telairity video processors and the company's direct-execute AVClairity encoding software for maximum performance. Like current Nexgen encoders, the previous generation of Telairity encoders was designed from the ground up to provide high picture quality at low bit rates, short encode latencies, "instant" on at power-up, simplified operation, and high reliability. Previous generation encoders ship with the last production release of firmware for the given model; no further releases are planned for these systems. However, every previous generation system benefits from years of upgrades provided as a direct response to issues found by intensive use of our systems under a very wide range of real-world conditions. As a consequence, they are among the most reliable and robust products on the market. Certainly, our previous generation encoders share the distinction with our new Nexgen encoders of being the only encoders ever built with genuine Telairity video technology.

The principal distinction between previous generation and Nexgen encoders is that previous generation encoders were more specialized, with separate lines for standard SD encoding, high compression (low bitrate) SD encoding, HD encoding, multi-format encoding, and different form factors for single-channel encoders, multi-channel encoders, and specialized helicopter encoders. The main product lines are listed below.

Since all previous generation systems are out of production, models are sold on an as available basis, limited to stock on hand. These are factory new systems, and carry the full Telairity two-year blanket warranty against hardware failure.

Series 7000 H.264/AVC or AVS SD Encoders & Transcoders

Implemented with 2 Telairity video processor/channel to provide high-quality SD video at 2-8 Mbps.

BE7110: 1U, single-channel, broadcast/broadband applications
BE7200: 1U, 2 channels, broadcast/broadband applications
BE7400: 1U, 4 channels, broadcast/broadband applications

Our most economical encoder model, featuring latencies as low as 150ms. BA, BT, and BG models also available.

Series 9000 H.264/AVC or AVS SD/Mobile Encoders & Transcoders

Implemented with 4 Telairity video processor/channel to provide high quality pictures for full SD video formats at bit rates down to 500Kbps, and Mobile formats at bit rates down to 100Kbps.

BE9110: 1U, single-channel, broadcast/broadband/mobile applications
BE9200: 1U, 2 SD channels, broadcast/broadband/mobile applications
BE9400: 1U, 4 SD channels, broadcast/broadband/mobile applications

High picture quality at low bit rates. BA, BT, and BG models also available

Series 8000 H.264/AVC HD Encoders

Implemented with 8 Telairity video processor/channel to provide high-quality HD video at 2- 20Mbps, with adjustable sub-second encode latency and a robust “sliced” transmission stream.

BE8110: 1U, single-channel for broadcast/broadband applications; also ideal for ENG vehicles
BE8110T: Special BE8110 "Truck" model for ENG vehicles; built and tested to be vibration-resistent with wide temperature tolerence
BC8110: 1U, single-channel "Copter" encoder for aircraft ENG; custom half-width chassis with 28V DC power
BE8200: 1U, dual-channel for broadcast/broadband applications. Lowest 8000-series per-channel cost for customers that need multiple HD channels

Our most diverse product line with special models for ENG. BT and BG versions also available.

Multi-format HD/SD/Mobile Encoders

Special versions of the single-channel BE8000 and multi-channel BE9000 systems.

BE8500: 1U, single-channel universal HD/SD/Mobile encoder (auto-switching by input)
BE9300: 1U, 3 multi-format channels (1 HD & 2 SD/mobile), broadcast/broadband/mobile applications

Our most versatile systems, able to accept any input format. BT and BG versions also available.

Telairity Option Cards

Previous generation encoders include an internal option card slot, which can be filled with any of the following option cards. For encoders equipped with an option card, the two-letter prefix of the model name changes (from BE) to reflect the added capability of the unit.

BA models: Composite In option (SD models only): Converts analog composite input to SDI input for the encoder(cross-cable SDI output of composite board option to SDI input of encoder)

BT models: Transcoding option: Converts pre-encoded MPEG-2 (VC-1, etc.) input to source SDI input for the encoder. Option includes a choice of inputs: ASI, IP, or SDI (cross-cable SD output of transcoder board option to SDI input of encoder)

BG models: G.703 output option: Accepts SDI output of encoder and converts to G.703 output, conforming to E3 standard (cross-cable SDI output of encoder to SDI input of G.703 output option)

All Models

  • H.264/AVC high profile video encoding
  • MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC-LC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEv2 audio encoding
  • Automatic detection of input formats
  • “Instant” on, restart
  • Dual ASI and IP outputs
  • External AES and analog stereo audio inputs
  • Forward error correction on IP output
  • Adjustable preprocessing (noise) and deblocking filters
  • Selectable GOP mode (fixed-length or adaptive)
  • Slice-based architecture for transmission robustness, fast signal lock
  • Stutter-free video on asynchronously switched inputs
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby E pass-through
  • Web browser control
  • Full upgradeability via software download
  • 1U rack-mountable chassis
  • Highly reliable Telairity technology
  • Blanket two-year Telairity warranty against hardware failure

110 Models

  • Simple, profile-based “two button” front-panel control
  • Upgradeable to BE8500 multi-format operation (7110 & 9110 require additional hardware)

BC Models

  • Very wide temperature tolerance
  • Vibration-resistant construction
  • Half-width ruggedized chassis
  • Remote control panel (tethered)
  • 28V power supply

Series 8000 and 7000

  • User-adjustable encode latency from 150ms to 2 seconds

Series 9000 and 7000

  • Selectable Main Profile (in addition to High)

Series 9000

  • Reduced frame rates (one-third, one-half, two-thirds input fps)
  • 1 or 2 second latency settings
  • Mobile formats