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Standard Definition / Mobile Encoders

Series 9000 H.264/AVC or AVS SD/Mobile Encoders

Our high compression line, implemented with 4 Telairity video processors/channel to provide high-quality video for SD and Mobile formats at bandwidths between 100Kbps and 5Mbps. Twice the processing capability of our 7000 Series SD encoders, empowering an industry-leading set of compression tools for maximum real time video quality at low bit rates. Recommended for SD applications with less than 2Mbps of bandwidth or where the cost of bandwidth is the paramount consideration, as well as for Mobile formats down to 320x240. (See BE6110 entry for smaller mobile formats.)

BE9110: 1U, single-channel high compression SD/Mobile formats for broadcast/broadband applications

BE9200/9400: 1U multichannel high compression SD/Mobile formats for broadcast/broadband applications. Lowest per-channel price for multichannel installations of Series 9000 encoders; can be ordered in either a two-channel (BE9200) or four-channel (BE9400) configuration