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The Telairity Product Line

Telairity offers a unique line of Nexgen Encoders, implemented with the company's exclusive TVP technology, plus other broadcast equipment, including software-based IP transcoders, integrated-receiver-decoders (IRDs), satellite or terrestrial modulators, and ASI multiplexers. Telairity gear is notable for its outstanding chen used in combination with other Telairity gear. Telairity support policies are among tombination of performance, reliability, and value, and is tested to ensure smooth interoperation whe best in the industry, including a blanket 1 or 2 year warranty against hardware failure and free life-of-unit firmware upgrades.
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Nexgen Encoders

Telairity Nexgen encoders are implemented with Telairity's exclusive next generation TVP video processor, with its unique combination of programmable versatility and hardware acceleration for video encoding.

BE8600: A powerful, compact (half-width 1RU) single channel real-time HD/SD video encoder, offering leading edge H.264/AVC video encoding for the highest possible picture quality at any available bandwidth. Provides both archival 4:2:2 contribution-mode encoding and low-latency 4:2:0 modes for quality contribution links over narrow urban channels or direct-to-viewer distribution over MPEG-4 networks. Featuring Telairity’s unique “instant on” for immediate availability, and “two button” profile-based front panel control for quick and easy field operation, the BE8600 is a platform with the size to go anywhere and the versatility to do any type of encoding task.
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BE8700: A multichannel HD/SD encoding platform offering state-of-the-art low bitrate 4:2:0 H.264/AVC video compression for all HD & SD television formats. Available in two cost-effective packages: a 1RU half-width single-channel system (BE8700s); or a 1RU full-width multi-channel system, scalable from 1 to 4 channels (BE8700). With the ability to auto-sense input formats and auto-select a corresponding encoding profile, BE8700 systems dynamically reconfigure to any HD/SD mix with no operator intervention. Ideal for IPTV, ITV, and other applications where the lowest bit rates are needed.
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SES3200: A highly scalable modular HD/SD source encoder and/or dynamic MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 transcoder, the SES3200 accommodates from 1 to 8 4-channel blades for configurations of 4 to 32 channels in a 12RU Telco-grade ATCA chassis. An integrated fabric backplane eliminates the need for external cables, routers, switches, and multiplexers, providing the ability to route any input to any output, and to multiplex all outputs over dual ASI and IP interfaces. Configurable redundancy, automatic fail-over, multiple power supplies, and extensive monitoring and alarm functions make the SES3200 one of the most reliable as well as one of the most flexible encode/transcode solutions.
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Previous Generation Encoders

Telairity's previous generation of quality H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) encoders is no longer but being manufactured, but a limited number of these field-proven systems are still available. These are factory-new systems and come with a full factory warranty. If you are interested in a bargain price on a quality HD, SD, or multi-format encoder, click here to request a quote before stocks of these earlier systems are exhausted.

Custom Encoding

Faced with a design challenge you don't quite know how to handle? Need something special you can't find off-the-shelf? As one of the few companies to control all its own encoding technology, Telairity is in a unique position to create customized solutions for just about any task involving video compression. It's always free to ask, and, even if we can't help you ourselves, we may be able to use our network of third party suppliers to put you in touch with exactly the right contact. Give us a call or drop us an email at:

Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs)

Three professional IRDs to suit any need and budget.

BE-IRD-5502: A versatile broadcast-class H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) HD/SD integrated receiver and decoder for broadcasters, cable operators, and telecoms. A highly flexible professional choice, the 5502's ability to decode all video formats (HD or SD, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4), together with its wide choice of input and output options, makes it the perfect solution for customers migrating from MPEG-2 SD to MPEG-4 HD. A built-in Multiplexer/Filter allows users to create highly customized output transport streams. Two PCMCIA Common Interface card slots support a variety of Conditional Access systems, including Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Mediaguard, NDS, SECA, Viacross, and others. Control and monitoring can be done via the unit's LCD front panel or over a LAN via the built-in Monitor Center facility, or using an HTTP Web browser interface, or through standard SNMP-based network management systems.
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BE-IRD-5503: A versatile third generation 5500-class integrated receiver and decoder for broadcasters, cable operators, and telecoms, providing all the functionality of the 5502 with added Genlock capability for accurate frame and color synchronization.
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BE-IRD-5800: An advanced modular IRD offering a full complement of cutting-edge features include 4:2:2 8/10-bit decoding, up to 8 individual audio PIDs, 1080p60 video support, and 16/32APSK satellite demodulation. In addition, all decoding and output formats are field upgradable, so the system can grow as needs evolve. This combination of the latest features joined to wide-ranging future adaptability make the 5800 the ideal choice for demanding contribution or distribution applications requiring a future-proof solution.
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IP Transcoders

The challenges of streaming video across the public internet have produced an array of competing commercial standards for streaming video, including HLS, RTSP, RTMP, and MPEG-DASH, to name just some of the more common. In addition to the need to support multiple streaming standards, adaptive bitrate streaming (ABS) requires multiple copies of each stream at different bitrates (high-medium-low) to accommodate fluctuations in available bandwidth as internet traffic levels rise and fall. Added to the issues of competing standards and multiple different bit rates per stream are the great variations among client devices in terms of screen sizes and resolutions.

Telairity offers a Linux-based Broadcaster to address the challenges of IP video streaming. The Broadcaster provides four primary functions.

1) Support for common streaming standards (HLS, etc.)
2) A lossless, low-latency private protocol for internet streaming (requires a companion Receiver)
3) Multiple bit rates for adaptive bitrate streaming
4) The ability to resize video H x W resolutions to accommodate different types of client devices.

The Broadcaster is available in two alternative forms.

AMP6800: The Advanced Media Processor is a standalone full-width 1RU IP Transcoder, able to receive UDP IP inputs from multiple Telairity encoders.
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BE8680: The BE8680 is a companion half-width IP Transcoder for the half-width BE8600 encoder, in an economical single-channel package.
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Telairity offers both Satellite and Terrestrial modulators in standalone full-width 1RU systems. Both types of modulator are also available as a companion half-width "buddy system" for the half-width BE8600 encoder.

BM6500: A standalone full-width 1RU satellite L-Band modulator providing state-of-the-art 2nd generation DVB-S2 capabilities while retaining compatibility with DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, and ATSC standards. Features include physical layer scrambling for secure signal transmission, an internal 10MHz clock signal, and an internal signal generator for testing without an external input. The 6500 can achieve useful bit rates up to 160Mbps, with a choice of QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, or 32APSK modes. An IF-Band RF output option is available.
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BM6600: A standalone full-width 1RU terrestrial modulator providing state-of-the-art 2nd generation DVB-T2 capabilities, enabling deployment of SISO/MISO and Multi-PLP layered modulation techniques, while retaining compatibility with DVB-T, ISDB-T, and ATSC standards. The 6600 integrates all the mechanisms required to feed DVB T/T2 transmitter sites with ASI and/or IP streams in highly secure formats close to their saturation region, with real-time adaption to the non-linear behavior of power amplifiers and minimal “memory effects” from the amplifier circuitry. Useful bit rates scale as high as 80Mbps.
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BE8650: A companion half-width modulator for the half-width BE8600 encoder. Available in two versions, with all the capabilities and features of either the full-width BM6500 satellite modulator or the BM6600 terrestrial modulator.
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Telairity offers an ASI multiplexer in 3 sizes: for 8, 16, or 32 input streams.

BE-MUX-5000: An efficient and economical 1RU broadcast quality multiplexer for combining input standard MPEG-2 DVB-ASI multi-program or single-program transport steams (MPTS/SPTS). The unit automatically filters empty packets from the transport streams, regenerates and recalibrates program clock references (PCRs), and redefines PID entries and PAT, PMT, and other information tables as required, including PID filtering and remapping. Users can also insert their own data into the stream. The unit supports a wide variety of conditional access (CA) systems. ASI inputs and outputs are standard; unit optionally may be configured with a G.703 input and output. Outputs can be directly connected to most types of digital transmission equipment, including both SDH and PDH microwave radios, and QPSK and QAM modulators. Like all Telairity broadcast equipment, the BE-MUX-5000 is fully backed by Telairity service and support policies.
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