The BE-MUX-5000 is an efficient and economical 1RU broadcast quality multiplexer for 8, 16, or 32 input standard MPEG-2 DVB-ASI multi-program or single-program transport steams (MPTS/SPTS). The unit automatically filters empty packets from the transport streams, regenerates and recalibrates program clock references (PCRs), and redefines PID entries and PAT, PMT, and other information tables as required, including PID filtering and remapping. Users can also insert their own data into the stream. The unit supports a wide variety of conditional access (CA) systems. ASI inputs and outputs are standard; unit optionally may be configured with a G.703 input and output. Outputs can be directly connected to most types of digital transmission equipment, including both SDH and PDH microwave radios, and QPSK and QAM modulators. Like all Telairity broadcast equipment, the BE-MUX-5000 is fully backed by Telairity service and support policies.

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