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Functional Needs: 3D Contribution

3D production and post-production is now a global industry. Facilities from the U.S. to New Zealand to India and beyond work closely together on a daily basis, transforming the creative and production systems into a 24/7 global environment. The need for a real time system to keep pace with the fast-paced production cycle has never been greater. To service this need, Telairity, along with strategic partners ASSIMILATE™ and 3ality Digital, have developed the first real-time global 3D post-production content and approval system. Producers, directors, cinematographers and artists can now work together around the clock, no matter what their time zone, not matter what their country.

The system is the industry’s first end-to-end solution for editing, formatting, reviewing, approving and distributing 3D sources efficiently from anywhere to anywhere in the world. It is flexible enough to use whatever communications channels are at hand, whether it is WiFi, IP, satellite or other networks. 3D content has never looked this good at bandwidths of 5Mbps or less. Most important, the system is both secure and easy to deploy, resulting in unprecedented time and budget savings.

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