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Application Needs: Backhaul/ENG/DSNG

Enabling True HD ENG/SNG (Backhaul) Operations with Telairity Encoders

Live field reporting imposes strong requirements on vendor equipment. First, equipment must be compatible with existing infrastructure. In many cases, this means transmission bandwidths of 6Mbps or lower. Second and equally important, latencies must be kept very low, so that total end-to-end delay stays under a half-second. Third, equipment must be exceptionally reliable, able to tolerate the very wide temperature swings as well as the jolts and bumps of vehicle use. Fourth, when problems do occur, recovery must be possible in a few seconds. Fifth and last (but certainly not least from the standpoint of a field crew), equipment must be virtually fool-proof, extremely simple to operate even under the most adverse, trying, or hectic conditions.

Although HD formats are quickly spreading into news reporting, the combination of the above five requirements for live field reporting have discouraged many stations from taking HD cameras out of the studio and into the field for remote operations. Older MPEG-2 compression technology is simply unable to fit HD format video in links of 15Mbps and below. Although advanced MPEG-4 (H.264/AVC) compression technology can solve this bandwidth problem, MPEG-4 encoders may suffer from slow boot-up and recovery times, have long latencies, show complicated controls, and lack reliability features.

Telairity encoders, however, are designed to addresses all five of the above requirements for live field reporting, providing an effective way for stations to extend true HD to their field reporting operations. In particular, the compact "go anywhere" half-width 1RU BE8600 contribution encoder offers the following features:

  • The latest H.264/AVC (MPEG-4) encoding technology, able to deliver a quality HD picture in 6Mbps or less (the same sort of bandwidth required by MPEG-2 for SD today).
  • The fact that all Telairity encoders are software upgradeable ensures that Telairity equipment remains state-of-the art in its compression abilities for years to come.
  • Since all Telairity encoders implement standard H.264/AVC encoding technology, they are compatible with any standard H.264 decoder. With Telairity equipment, there is never any lock-in to a proprietary solution.
  • Telairity's HD encode latency of 200ms provides end-to-end latencies below a half second for fast decoders.
  • The fact that Telairity's AVClairity encoding software is designed to run directly on Telairity's T1P200 DSP (without any intermediate operating system) means that power-on and reboot times are virtually instant—a matter of a few seconds. As a result, if a problem does occur requiring the encoder to restart, it's possible to get back on the air almost at once.
  • The BE8600 offers a front-panel with Telairity's simple “two-button” control. Using Telairity's easy-to-operate graphical user interface, Telairity encoders can be readily programmed to switch from any configuration of encoding parameters to any other configuration of encoding parameters with a press or two of an up/down arrow key, followed by pressing the enter key.
  • The BE8600-T, configured for ENG Trucks, come standard with vibration-proof construction, very wide temperature tolerance and dual redundant power supplies. An optional half-width "buddy system" BE8650 modulator is available with this unit. The BC8600 "Chopper" model, intended for news helicopters, features a 28V DC power supply.

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