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Functional Needs: Decoders

The Advantage of Open-Standard Encoding

Although the enormous size of raw digital video streams makes source compression essential to managing their transmission and storage, on the receiving end, compressed video streams must be decompressed for use. In other words, every location where compressed video streams are viewed requires a decoder, able to restore the compressed stream to an accurate representation of its original (pre-compressed) state.

Since compressed transmissions are typically viewed at multiple locations, efficient decoding is a vital consideration in selecting an encoder. Encoders that support popular open standards, like MPEG, offer customers the widest choice of decoding options. Choices range from freely available software decoders, to inexpensive set-top boxes, to professional IRDs; with each alternative available from multiple vendors.

In other words, choosing a Telairity open-standard MPEG encoder never locks you into a narrow set of decoding options. To the contrary, you are always free to choose whatever solution best fits your needs, as well as to change solutions as your circumstances change.

Available Options

Want the most economical decoder? Competition among many competing vendors keeps prices down to a minimum. Want to buy from a preferred supplier? Virtually every decoder vendor provides MPEG systems. Finding the right model for your requirements is likely as simple as explaining your requirements to a sales representative. Have your own MPEG decoder? Telairity will test its encoders with your decoder and certify compatibility. Best of all for customers, we're always happy to offer an evaluation period that provides ample opportunity to test any encode-decode solution, to ensure it meets your needs before buying.

Telairity Integrated Receiver Decoders

For customers looking for an efficient encode/decode solution from a single vendor, Telairity offers a choice of quality professional IRDs, backed by Telairity's industry-best support policies and on-call support staff.

The BE-IRD-5502 comes with a choice of tuners for satellite, cable, or terrestrial transmissions, as well as the ability to accept ASI input or IP input. Decodes up to 2 audio stereo pairs together with MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 HD or SD video. With both digital and analog outputs and a variety of useful features, including signal transcoding and a built-in IP multiplexer, this is our most popular model.

The BE-IRD-5503 provides all the standard capabilities of the 5502 with some added features, including genlock, and the option to decode up to 3 audio stereo pairs.

The BE-IRD-5800 advanced modular IRD offers a full complement of cutting-edge receiving and decoding capabilities, including 16/32APSK satellite demodulation, 4:2:2 8/10-bit decoding, up to 8 individual audio PIDs, and 1080p60 video support. In addition, since the component modules of any IRD5800 configuration are field upgradable, the system can grow and change as needs evolve.