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Functional Needs: Multiple Formats

Keeping up with the changes and additions needed to your operation's digital pipeline—for example, adding HD and mobile formats to existing SD channels—can be an expensive task, both in machine room real estate and real capital budget outlays. Plus, there is always uncertainty about how much and how rapidly any established mix of channels will change. How quickly will the demand for new HD services grow? What demands will new mobile devices like the iPad make on video streams?

Faced with the constant need to add new services, as well as uncertainty over the shifting ratio of SD to HD to mobile services, perhaps the most important need for any facility's growth plan is to add flexibility alongside channel capacity. The ability to dynamically reconfigure a channel lineup, replacing HD with SD or SD with mobile (and vice-versa), guarantees that an investment in new hardware will never be overtaken by events—however rapidly or much the mix of channels required may change.

For this reason, Telairity multi-format systems are a sound choice for any type of facility expansion. Want to add just a single channel? A BE8600 contribution encoder offers not only the highest quality video, but also complete flexibility in its format capabilities. Think you might need to accommodate multiple channels? In the same 1RU slot occupied by a BE8600, the BE8700 distribution encoder can accommodate one to four channels. Need a way to grow your facility inexpensively with great reliability? The blade-based telco-grade ATCA-chassis SES3200 system, with its ability to gracefully scale from 4 to 32 channels, might be the perfect choice.

Regardless of which system you select, every Telairity encoder automatically detects the format of input signals (HD or SD) and selects an appropriate, user-defined default encoding mode. This means a 4 channel BE8700 system, for example, automatically adjusts to any changes in its inputs, auto-configuring from 4 SD channels to 4 HD channels, or any SD/HD mix in between. Output formats can range from full resolution 1920 x 1080 HD down to CIF or other small formats for mobile devices. The ability to automatically switch to a different default output format with every change in input format makes Telairity encoders not only unusually versatile, but also low maintenance, requiring no direct operator intervention regardless of how much or how often video sources change.

In short, whether the need is to simultaneously encode independent feeds, or simultaneously output the same feed in different formats, Telairity encoders are economical, space-saving solutions for adding channels to a facility while preserving maximum flexibility to accommodate constantly shifting needs.