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The “pipeline” has changed. In today’s digital world, if you’re involved with professional video—whether mobile, SD, HD, or some mix of these formats—you need the best possible compression solutions. To save money without compromising quality, you need all an encoder can deliver:

  • industry best picture quality
  • extremely low bitrates
  • the lowest possible latencies for real time communications
  • great reliability and ease of use

Whether your business includes TV networks and stations, cable, direct broadcast satellite, post-production, telco, or IPTV and ITV operations, you know that great encoding technology is one of the essential ingredients in your successful media operation.

That’s why companies around the world are turning to Telairity. Its complete range of H.264/AVC encoding solutions, built on its unique TVP technology, provides you with everything you want from an encoder:

  • Highest quality pictures
  • Industry-leading low bit rates
  • Appliance-simple setup
  • Instant on
  • Automatic operation
  • Adjustable low latencies
  • Compatibility with any H.264 decoder
  • Full software upgradeability

All at very attractive prices. With Telairity, you save up front on capital budget, with a lower purchase price; save on your daily operating expenses, with lower transmission and storage costs; and save down the road in maintenance fees, with our 2-year blanket warranty against hardware failure, free software upgrades, and exceptional system reliability.