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endorsementgradeA+ rating – Better Business Bureau (BBB)

"I've worked with Telarity encoders for over 8 years.  Their picture quality and reliability is great in both HD and SD.  Not only am I fully satisfied with their products, but Telairity’s customer support is also excellent." --Director of System Engineering


“We have been selling Telairity encoders in Brazil since 2010. To date, with many deployments at Broadcast TV Stations around the country, we have had no complaints about performance and zero failures in the field. Our customers have been extremely satisfied, not only with the encoder’s performance, but also with Telairity’s superb level of service. Working with Telairity has been a pleasure for Boreal and our customers.” --Luiz Duque President, Boreal Communications

"FNDTV has been involved with Telairity for a number of years, and their level of expertise, service, and the quality of their products have proved to perfectly meet, and even surpass our expectations. They do deserve our 5-Star Rating!” --FNDTV's Team

Having used Telairity products for several years now, we can attest to the performance and robustness of the platforms (several dozen platforms up 24/7 in live production environments) requiring little attention. Coupling that with excellent QoE, disruptive cost-per-channel, and a highly agile development team supporting their products, makes Telairity a go-to choice for us.  --Media Systems Streaming Engineer

We are very happy with our Telairity encoders. They are an integral part of our News organization. From our Live Truck fleet to our Chopper aerial coverage...we depend on Telairity to deliver the highest quality breaking News images to our viewers. 2GHz Bandwidth is extremely tight in this market and having encoders that can deliver reliable high quality pictures and sound using very little bandwidth has been the key to our successful Broadcast News operation. --Chief Engineer at a major urban news station